Occupational Health and Safety


Within the framework of the quality management system  applied by MAHMUT ERDAL CONSTRUTION, prevent any possible accidents by providing a safe and healthy working environment,  considering Worker Health and Safety at the highest level and create a conscious collection of working on Occupational Health and Safety;

· Provide and development safer and healthier working environment for the employees who are our company's most valuable asset, 

· Ensure of information and participation of all employees about Occupational Health and Safety,

· Comply with laws, rules and regulations in force about Occupational Health and Safety,

· Keep under control continuous improvement and sustainability in all the measures to guarantee employees about Occupational Health and Safety,

· Take in consideration as first priority  occupational Health and Safety in all our activities,

· Develop awareness and behavior in a positive way by training our employees on Occupational Health and Safety and,


· With use of new technologies and efficient resources, take account to main objectives continuous improvement to the system and minimize Occupational Health and Safety risks in our company.